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and the Grenadines","4034894":"Samoa","3168068":"San Marino","2410758":"S\u00e3o Tom\u00e9 and Pr\u00edncipe","102358":"Saudi Arabia","2245662":"Senegal","6290252":"Serbia","241170":"Seychelles","2403846":"Sierra Leone","1880251":"Singapore","7609695":"Sint Maarten","3057568":"Slovak Republic","3190538":"Slovenia","2103350":"Solomon Islands","51537":"Somalia","953987":"South Africa","3474415":"South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands","2510769":"Spain","1227603":"Sri Lanka","366755":"Sudan","3382998":"Suriname","607072":"Svalbard and Jan Mayen","934841":"Swaziland","2661886":"Sweden","2658434":"Switzerland","163843":"Syria","1668284":"Taiwan","1220409":"Tajikistan","149590":"Tanzania","1605651":"Thailand","2413451":"The Gambia","2363686":"Togo","4031074":"Tokelau","4032283":"Tonga","3573591":"Trinidad and Tobago","2464461":"Tunisia","298795":"Turkey","1218197":"Turkmenistan","3576916":"Turks and Caicos 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Bed and Breakfast Netherlands

Logement No5
B&B Assen

Logement №5 is the place to unwind, relax, enjoy and be pampered in a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. The stylish B&B is located in a monumental mansion in the green heart of Assen. The two luxury two-bed suites are equipped with all amenities in...
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La Marquise Chambres...
B&B Budel

New and LUXURIOUS B & B with private beach and garden, the superlative to make some pleasure to break! With beautiful gastronomic arrangements and room extras, to book directly via our own online booking system.
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De Brink
B&B Maarsbergen

You are most welcome at our farm "the Brink".Located opposite castle "landgoed Maarsbergen" and the National Park "Utrechtse Heuvelrug".The sheepfold, we have build into a beautiful and luxurious guest house. (Surface 50square meter)....
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De Zeegster Hoeve
B&B Zeegse

Our bed and breakfast is located in, one next to the farmhouse, thatched boiler room. With the back a beautiful veranda. The room is fully equipped with: private shower with sink and toilet. A kitchen with refrigerator, stove, dishwasher. There is...
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De Appelgaard
B&B Culemborg

Sleeping in an old orchard. Close to river 'Lek', hidden behind the dike and near the historic town of Culemborg, lies De Appelgaard accommodation. A place where you can forget the rush of life.
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Het Raadhuys - Design B&B
B&B Kessel

You like to spend a stylish night in Limburg alongside the river Meuse? Then high end accommodation Het Raadhuys is definitely the one for you. Discover it yourself when you stay in one of our exclusive guest rooms. Adults only. Welcome.
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De Laatste Stuiver
B&B Nijetrijne

* Peace * Space * RelaxingThis may in the former pub De Laatste Stuiver in an idyllic spot in the wetland Rottige Meenthe the Scheene Sluis. For recreational Gate to Friesland.
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De Hooge Woeste
B&B Emst

Bed & Breakfast with the option of a stable / pasture.The annex next to our farm has two separate, smoke free accommodations: the so-called “Stable” and “The Chicken Coop”.Privacy and tranquility....
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De Stapper
B&B Velden

"De Stapper" is a beautiful and quiet place in the winter bed of the river. All rooms on ground floor with private bathroom. There is an outdoor living room with terrace and sun loungers. The distance to the thermal baths in Arcen is 8 ...
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De Luthiers
B&B Dordrecht

Lovely stay in a place that you will not soon forget? It may be in the ancient center of Dordrecht, near the mighty Three River Point. Water and music Precautions The Luthiers for rest. Mendelsohn or Thelonius Monk, classical and jazz come togethe...
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B&B Bij de Vecht
B&B Utrecht

B&B "Bij de Vecht" is situated 200m from the river named Vecht". We offer you a nice and clean room, with a double electric adjustable bed, internet, TV and radio . There is a sitting area with two chairs and a table where you can make thee or c...
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B&B Residence IJsbrant
B&B Scheveningen

This fantastic B&B situated in a beautiful corner townhouse, located right behind boulevard of Scheveningen, 1 min walk from beach and 3 mins from Kurhaus hotel, Circus Theater, Casino and museums, yet in a unique quite location. The cozy house ha...
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B&B at the Beach
B&B The Hague

Nominated Best Bed & BreakfastOur luxury Bed and Breakfast at the Beach offers the best of two worlds The Hague vibrant culture and beach and dune front. shopping, the hague many attractions, golf, horse riding, cycling and hiking.
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B&B Boeren Burgers Buitenlui
B&B Molenschot

Slapen in een voormalige koeienstal. Lekker ontbijten met de eitjes van onze eigen kippen. Rust en ruimte volop in onze B&B. Uw kamer is een geheel gerenoveerde boerenstal van 60 m2, warm en stoer ingericht met veel oorspronkelijke elementen. De r...
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B&B KenauSHome
B&B Haarlem

Stay where once Haarlem’s most famous woman lived, Kenau Simonsdochter Hasselaer. Centrally located, within walking distance of museums, listed buildings, nice shopping district and restaurants!B&B with private section, luxurious bathroom, ki....
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Motorschip Elisabeth
B&B Leeuwarden

You are sleeping in a socalled "luxe motor", a ship dat formerly transported goods between Amersfoort and Rotterdam.The ship has been rebuild in good taste and there is a lot of art you can see because the owner is an artist. The cabins of the sh...
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B&B Knooppunt70
B&B Arcen

Just outside the picturesque village of Arcen is Knooppunt70 ¨ ¨ B & B, located within walking distance from the center of Arcen, the castle gardens, Hertog Jan Brewery, recreation Klein Vink and the famous thermal bath. From ¨ ¨ Knooppunt70 y...
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Landgoed Logies Louisehoeve
B&B Linschoten

B&B Louisehoeve.Welcome to the country life.Nestled in the green heart of Holland in Linschoten nearby Utrecht lays the Louisehoeve, a farm from 1602 and part of the historical and beautiful Estate Linschoten. The former stables and cheese...
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B&B Het Knooppunt
B&B Nuis

Spring at Bed & Breakfast '' The Market '' Stay in the heart Westerkwartier. West of Groningen and only 3.4 km. A7. Centrally located in a beautiful area with many cycling and hiking possibilities. In the immediate vicinity of many cultural sights...
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In de Hei
B&B Mariahout

In the village Mariahout you will find Bed and breakfast and meeting room "In de Hei" Surrounded by forests and meadows you can relax here. Spacious luxury rooms built in a former modern dairy barn where you can still find the atmosphere. We also ...
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De Koningshoeve
B&B Blokker

The King Farm is located on the ribbon development of Blokker (avg. horn). Near Horn on the IJsselmeer. The city has a historic center that tells the history of the VOC. From The Koningshoeve you can easily visit some beautiful historical places (...
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B&B Relax and More
B&B 's-Heerenberg

Are you also longing for a relaxed stay? Come join us and make sure you can fully charge. Discover our luxury suites with all the touches on it and unwind in our wellness garden, including a sauna and jacuzzi.
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City Attic Haarlem
B&B Haarlem

City Attic HaarlemLuxurious SuitesLuxurious Bathroom RoomserviceRoof terrace Non-smokingNo petsCitycentre Haarlem Children 12+Parking 50 meterFrans Hals Museum walking distanceTeylers Museum rOptional extensive breakfast € ...
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B&B De Koesfabriek
B&B Dokkum

New in the historic town of Dokkum.In the centre at a quiet street.Appartment / family room for 2 to 4 persons.More information will follow...
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  • Room type
    • Apartment (1277)
    • Guest room (2096)
    • Holiday home (109)
  • Facilities
    • Free Wi-Fi (2707)
    • Jacuzzi (116)
    • Kitchen (1375)
    • Parking (free) (2405)
    • Parking (private) (1902)
    • Sauna (182)
    • Swimming pool (88)
    • Private bathroom (2767)
    • Guest pets welcome (after consultation) (771)
    • More...
  • Sleeping places per room
    • 2 or more (3062)
    • 3 or more (1167)
    • 4 or more (889)
    • 5 or more (250)
  • Sleeping places per b&b
    • < 5 (1851)
    • 5 - 10 (898)
    • 11 - 20 (251)
    • > 20 (65)
  • Room facilities
    • Airconditioning (270)
    • Balcony/terrace (2153)
    • Bath (690)
    • Ground floor (1904)
    • Non-smoking (2709)
    • Private Kitchen (1466)
    • Private entrance (2428)
    • Refrigerator (2389)
    • TV (2551)
  • Number of tulips
    • tulip (6)
    • tulip tulip (24)
    • tulip tulip tulip (117)
    • tulip tulip tulip tulip (222)
    • tulip tulip tulip tulip tulip (92)
  • Location
    • At/nearby sea (464)
    • In center (705)
    • In forest (342)
    • Nature reserve nearby (2178)
  • Breakfast
    • Including breakfast (2589)
  • Suitable for
    • Children (1392)
    • Disabled (331)

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