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    Maastricht is one of the most authentically Dutch cities in the Netherlands, combining rich history with a lively international atmosphere. Also perfect for exploring other European cities in the surroundings, staying in a B&B Maastricht will allow you to benefit from invaluable tips from the local hosts and delicious breakfasts!

    Where to book

    On the way from the central station to the centre of Maastricht, you'll pass through one of the city's most charming districts: Wyck. Beautiful historic buildings in the Maasland Renaissance style and cutesy little shops and restaurants dot the streets. Due to its location and characteristics, this district is one of the most popular places to book a Maastricht B&B. Crossing the famous Sint Servaasbrug, you reach the city centre, nestled between the River Meuse, the Vrijthof and the market. By choosing a centrally located B&B, you can easily walk to all the main sights.

    Highlights of the city

    Besides the Maastricht Market Square with its famous town hall, built in the 17th century, the Vrijthof is the second largest square bang in the middle of Maastricht. Surrounded on one side by classical buildings such as the Sint Janskerk church, the Servatius Basilica or the Hoofdwacht, the city's heart is dotted with cosy cafés and restaurants complete with outdoor terraces. Depending on the season, various events take place on the Vrijthof. Everyday life in Maastricht takes place between these two well-known and notable squares.

    Fort St. Pieter

    On the outskirts of Maastricht, you can visit the imposing defensive fortress built in 1702. From the summit, there is a fabulous view of Maastricht and the Maas Valley. Beneath Fort St. Pieter is an underground labyrinth and cave system where miners extracted the precious limestone marble over 1000 years ago. Today, the secret tunnels, which also served as protection bunkers during World War II, can be visited on various guided tours. Hop on a boat that will take you comfortably to Sint Pietersberg in only 20 minutes.

    The best time to visit Maastricht

    This elegant city on the Meuse has its charms throughout the year. Temperatures rise from April onwards and can reach 30 degrees in summer. On average, April, September and October are the months that tend towards the least precipitation, with the highest rainfall occurring in December and January. Since the Dutch like to be outside all year round, the terraces of the restaurants and cafés are also open in winter, well-equipped with heat lamps and gas heaters. While in summer, the activities around and on the Meuse may be more appealing, in winter, the beautiful Christmas market on the Vrijthof attracts just as many visitors.

    Why stay in a B&B Maastricht

    Choosing to stay in a B&B in Maastricht allows you to really connect with the locals and experience a small accommodation with a singular character. A breakfast made with local products and the owners' welcome ready to give you insider information will be the ideal starting point for exploring Maastricht. Known in the UK for The Treaty of Maastricht, which laid the foundations for today's European Union, Maastricht is also known for TEFAF (The European Fine Art Fair). This prestigious art fair showcases work from 260 of the top art galleries and attracts collectors and art lovers from all over the world.

    Embark on a captivating tour through the Netherlands, beginning with the iconic city of Amsterdam. From there, venture to the famous Kinderdijk mills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where charming B&Bs offer a blissful retreat amidst the beauty of typical Dutch landscapes. Explore the historic and cultural richness of Leiden, followed by a brief stop in Utrecht, famed for its picturesque canals and landmark tower. Culminate your adventure in Maastricht, a city captivating in its charm and tranquility, boasting bustling markets and inviting Bed and Breakfasts nestled in its historic centre. Don’t miss tasting the local delicacy, a cake called Vlaai, and wander through the scenic hills of Limburg in Valkenburg or Gulpen. A complete Dutch experience!