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    113 Bed and Breakfasts in and around Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands

    Your stay in a B&B Utrecht

    One of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, Utrecht is certainly one of the most popular for getting a taste of real, local life: stylish, young and dynamic. Any area of this beautiful city is ideal for an authentic experience in your B&B Utrecht.

    Oudegracht: the best area to stay in a B&B in Utrecht

    The Oudegracht is the main canal of Utrecht. Nearby you'll find the city's most important sights, such as the City Hall. It's also the ideal place to book your B&B Utrecht because it's full of cafés, restaurants, shops and places to drink. Utrecht is known for being a university city, so a bed and breakfast in this area is perfect for groups of friends and people who want to enjoy lively local life. Of course, you can always ask the manager of your small accommodation for tips on his favourite restaurant for dinner or which café he would recommend for coffee and cake.

    Utrecht Cathedral and Centraal Museum

    Utrecht Cathedral (called Domkerk) and the Centraal Museum are very close by and a must-see if you love culture. A B&B near the cathedral allows you to enjoy the view as often as you like. Still, if you want to climb the Domtoren, the tallest building in the Netherlands, you'll have to take a few steps. It is said that a whirlwind collapsed part of the church in the 17th century, effectively separating the two buildings... We're sure that the owner of your accommodation in Utrecht can tell you more stories about this!

    The university area and the botanical garden

    Utrecht boasts one of the most prestigious universities in the Netherlands. Choosing a bed and breakfast in the university district will allow you to dive into the multicultural ambiance of this cosmopolitan area. Discover the architectural marvels of the campus, including the iconic Educatorium, the expansive university library, and the impressive Minnaert building at de Uithof. Then, relax and unwind during leisurrely strolls in the magnificent Botanical Garden, known as the Hortus Botanicus.

    What is the best season to visit Utrecht?

    Although Utrecht is a perfect city at any time of year, spring and summer are the times when you can fully enjoy this vibrant city. During the warmer months, you can take pleasant walks and enjoy an outdoor bar on the Oudegracht. The early autumn months are also an ideal time to visit a Bed and Breakfast in Utrecht and observe the changing colours of autumn while cycling through the streets and parks. If, on the other hand, you prefer to travel in winter to see the city without tourists, the weeks leading up to Christmas are ideal for admiring the city in all its illuminated glory.

    How to get to Utrecht

    Utrecht is a city without an airport, but as it is located in the country's centre, it can easily be reached from Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Amsterdam airports, the latter being only 45 minutes away. If you are considering a holiday in Utrecht or a city break when travelling to nearby Amsterdam, remember that staying in a bed and breakfast is the most pleasant way to discover this city.

    Getting around Utrecht

    Although Utrecht is a small city and can be explored on foot, discovering it by bicycle is the most Dutch way and most representative of the culture of this beautiful country. The B&B in Utrecht probably has bikes for you, or the owner will know where to rent one. If you are lucky enough to encounter good weather, you could also have the opportunity to go kayaking or canoeing along the canals. There is also a good bus network and a small tram system for longer trips.

    Experience the true essence of Dutch culture by renting a bicycle in Utrecht and journeying along the picturesque cycle paths of the Netherlands. After skirting the city's weave of canals, head to Gouda, book a bed & breakfast here and visit this enchanting location world-famous for its cheese. Indulge in a traditional Dutch breakfast featuring the delectable Wentelteefjes before continuing your adventure to De Haar Castle, where you can immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of the Middle Ages. On the way back, you can stop for a photo-op at Molen de Ster, a picturesque mill, particularly delightful for children. If your energy still abounds, pedal along one of the Waterlinie routes surrounding Utrecht—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—where historic defense lines, such as Fort Voordorp and De Lunetten, stand as testaments to Dutch ingenuity, with vast areas once intentionally flooded to deter enemy attacks.