Hidden gems

A special place to stay

Are you looking for a special place for your stay? Not a regular hotel room, but a guesthouse accommodation with a personal touch, a lovely view and a lavish breakfast? Then a bed & breakfast is just the place for you.

Everywhere in the Netherlands you can say in the most amazing bed & breakfasts. You just need to know how to find them. This is why I founded Bedandbreakfast.nl in 1999. Dutch B&B owners can present their accommodations on Bedandbreakfast.nl and make them easy to find. And visitors to the website can easily compare Dutch bed and breakfasts and make reservations. This means that long searches for suitable accommodation are unnecessary and everyone is able to enjoy an unforgettable time in a B&B.

Special experiences in a B&B

A bed & breakfast offers special experiences that add a golden sheen to your holiday or outing. Waking up on a farm with the smell of freshly made coffee. Being surprised with a big breakfast basket full of warm rolls and all sorts of treats. Upon arrival thinking: “Wow, it looks even better than in the pictures!"

These are regular bed & breakfast experiences and are what make it so much fun to visit B&Bs. A B&B offers the authenticity, the relaxed atmosphere and the personal service that are not as easy to find at hotels, holiday cottages or campsites.

Most beautiful locations

I am often lost for words when new bed & breakfasts are posted on Bedandbreakfast.nl. Look at that! And this! "What a paradise!", I often think to myself. "Wouldn't it be great to live there?" But bed & breakfasts actually make it possible to ‘live’ in the very best spots for a while.

Explore Bedandbreakfast.nl and discover these gems for yourself. Ancient old farms underneath thatched roofs, hidden amidst the greenery. Stately white mansions, reflected in a pond. City apartments that looks as if they’ve come straight out of a design magazine. Charming dike houses with a little boat in the backyard. Every B&B that you find is even prettier and more idyllic than the previous ones.

Be pampered

Reserve your dream B&B via Bedandbreakfast.nl and get ready to be pampered. Imagine not having to do anything! In the morning, you have all the time in the world to have breakfast. Then you can go out to explore the surrounding area. From your bed & breakfast, you can reach stunning spots that would otherwise be difficult to access. So come on, where do you want to go?

Hanny Arens
Founder of Bedandbreakfast.nl and Bedandbreakfast.eu

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