B&B Zandvoort

    102 Bed and Breakfasts in and around Zandvoort, North Holland, The Netherlands

    Your stay in a B&B Zandvoort

    Zandvoort is a delightful seaside town half an hour from Amsterdam, one of the most popular beaches in the Netherlands. Enjoy the sun setting over the beach of Zandvoort, the Kennemerland National Park, with an ice cream in hand during your stay in a B&B Zandvoort.

    Zandvoort Beach

    Zandvoort Beach is a long stretch of sand with over 30 beach bars or beach clubs, ideal for strolling, swimming or water sports such as paddle surfing. We recommend enjoying the sunset sipping a cocktail in one of the beach clubs, so booking a B&B close to Zandvoort is the best option.

    Staying in the centre

    Although Zandvoort's main attraction is undoubtedly its beach, the town centre has plenty of charm, its streets full of cafés and shops to spend a day mooching about. If you're lucky enough to be there on a Friday, there's a flea market selling flowers, food, and other nick-nacks. If you decide to stay at a Zandvoort Bed and Breakfast, don’t forget to ask the B&B owner for the best places to enjoy Dutch cuisine.

    Zandvoort - Racing thrills and coastal serenity

    Discover Zandvoort, home to one of the most legendary Formula 1 circuits, nestled beside its picturesque sandy beach. If you want to watch the Dutch Grand Prix, reserve a B&B early to enjoy both the high-speed excitement of the racetrack and the tranquil beauty of this North Sea town. By staying in a bed and breakfast in Zandvoort, you’ll be captivated by the stunning natural landscapes of Kennemerland National Park, a haven of flora and fauna!

    How to get to Zandvoort

    The best way to get to Zandvoort from Amsterdam is by train. It only takes half an hour from Central Station, and the trains run every 30 minutes. It is definitely the easiest way to get to Holland's favourite beach or if you want to spend a couple of days relaxing in a cosy bed and breakfast in this beautiful seaside town.

    Start your journey in Amsterdam, immersing yourself in its fascinating canals and vibrant cultural scene. Continue to the university city of Leiden, where you can visit museums, botanical gardens and try some local specialities such as herring or bitterballen. After an authentic Dutch experience, drive to Zandvoort, a short distance from Amsterdam, where you can enjoy an original North Sea experience.