B&B Volendam

    98 Bed and Breakfasts in and around Volendam, North Holland, The Netherlands

    Your stay in a B&B Volendam

    Welcome to Volendam, a charming village renowned for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage in the Netherlands! Step back in time and experience the enchanting world of classic Dutch cottages and traditional attire. Book your B&B Volendam for an unforgettable Dutch experience.

    Where to stay in Volendam

    Despite its small dimensions, Volendam is worth more than a brief morning visit. Opt for a cosy Bed and Breakfast near the picturesque harbour, set in the labyrinth of narrow streets surrounding the centre and beyond. Each location offers a distinctive experience!

    What to do in Volendam

    Volendam, a popular tourist hotspot, also offers plenty of genuine Dutch quirks. Rent a bike to explore the village, board a boat to sail on the Markermeer, or capture memories in traditional regional clothing at a local photographic studio. Savour the flavours of artisanal cheeses and smoked eel, and unwind with a refreshing beer at one of the charming harbour cafés.

    Excursions from Volendam

    Venture beyond Volendam for a delightful rural escapade. From your comfortable accommodation, hire a bicycle and pedal to the quaint village of Edam to witness its famed cheese market or cruise to the island of Marken with its little wooden houses. Wander through the storybook fishing village of Monnickendam and feel part of the fairy tale.

    How to get to Volendam

    Getting to Volendam is easy, either by bus or by car. When coming from Amsterdam, the best route is to take a bus from Central Station, which will take you to Volendam in 30 minutes. For those who prefer to drive, a handy car park is a mere 10-minute walk from the centre.

    Why choose a B&B in Volendam

    If you decide to spend the night in Volendam, a Bed and Breakfast offers an authentic village experience, distanced from the daytime tourist crowds. Enjoy the evening when most visitors have left and let yourself be pampered with a breakfast feast of local products, fully savouring Dutch hospitality.

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